Peter’s Corner

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I have been asked many questions regarding hair & makeup over the years. Here are some suggestions for commonly made mistakes.

Many clients have difficulty e style they left the salon with. “Wash and Wear” is a major part of our philosophy at Peter Alvarez. Your cut should emulate your personal style as well as your styling ability. Ask yourself these questions before your consultation: How long are you willing to spend styling? How much money are you willing to spend on professional styling products? Lastly, make yourself comfortable while applying your makeup or blow drying your hair. Sitting down and having all tools close at hand are just a few ideas.

We’ve come a long way with cosmetics. Most of us are still using liquid foundations with pink undertones. We now have more options. Many companies now realize that 80% of the population have yellow-based skin tones and are redesigning their foundation & concealers to coincide. We, at Peter Alvarez, have also discovered true mineral pigment offers more coverage, brighter hues and longer lasting makeup. Most powders, for example, are 80% fillers including talc. Jane Iredale powder foundation has no talc-no fillers. The natural zinc and titanium oxides also provide 17spf. The powder foundations set with the oils on your skin and create flawless, natural looking coverage.

The Peter Alvarez team uses only the best in hair color. We are also breaking down the old-school ways of thought. Many assume they need to go lighter in color as they mature. This is not necessarily true, as going lighter tends to draw us out in make us look sallow. We also have discovered how to create true ash tones. “Red” doesn’t occur in hair. What we perceive as red is actually a shade of orange and blue is the color to combat it properly.

Please feel free to email me with any beauty questions you may have.