About Peter

Life is no brief candle to me. It is a sort of splendid torch which I have got hold of for the moment, and I want to make it burn as bright as possible before handling it on to future generations.

—George Bernard Shaw

 Peter's Station

My History: A Splendid Torch

Peter Alvarez began PA Systems in Lenox Massachusetts, after a long career in the beauty and spa industry. Seeking a change from his role as Artistic Director at Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires, where he spent close to ten years and was responsible for creating the Beauty Services department, he wanted to share his expertise in other ways.

Peter was looking for a venue where he could teach others and still care for his loyal following of clients. His vision was to operate a teaching facility and attract haircutters from all over the world to come and learn his brand of “transformation”. The result has been a fantastic voyage and success. His salon, called Peter Alvarez, is arguable one of the best-designed and creatively decorated salons in the East. Since opening Peter has focused on training staff; building a local clientele, and influencing the way people perceive hair and skin care.

His career has now spanned thirty years and he has worked for an trained with some of the best names in the business including Vidal Sassoon and Susie Chadwick. He belonged to Intercoiffures, an international industry association that took him all over the world and exposed him to many trainers and techniques. He himself was a trainer for Regis in the US for many years during his time with Canyon Ranch in Tucson. Peter spent a total of twenty years at the two Canyon Ranches and was an integral part of their start-up. “The journey to becoming a master is loving what you do and sharing it with others,” says Peter.

He believes that haircutters have finally learned the art of cutting hair, but have not advanced into easy wash and wear styles. He credits Canyon Ranch with teaching him to take care of himself – physically, mentally, and spiritually. His philosophy is that beauty comes from within, he listens to each client with his heart and if he can touch that inner beauty with his eyes or his hands and bring it through, you have transformation.

Peter Alvarez is already looking ahead and is ready to start reaching more haircutters, becoming more global, re-educating the industry, and breaking down beauty cliches. In the meantime, his clients continue to travel to Lenox to be “transformed.”